Big Adventure Course
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The Big Adventure Course is the pride of Rise and Climb. It took two years to plan, design and construct. After researching dozens of ropes courses we carefully laid out a series of elements that have proven to be fun, challenging and stretching both physically and mentally.

Our course is spread across three levels of poles scaling 40 feet off the ground with over 50 elements and zip lines to enjoy! Our elements include swinging bridges, suspended bridges,tight ropes, zip lines, 40 foot plunge, human spider web and much, much more!

Some of our best features are highlighted below:

Create Your Own Adventure
Ours is a POD course meaning there's no fixed route. It is full of intersections and when you arrive at one you decide which way to go. If you want to skip an element you can. If you want to repeat a favourite, feel free. Everyone creates their own adventure at their own comfort level.

Climb Only to Your Comfort Level
Our course contains three levels. The first level starts at 15 feet off the ground, the second is just shy of 30 feet and the third level is approximately 40 feet off the ground.

Linear vs POD Courses
Our course is NOT linear. Ours is a Pod course. Pod courses are built with intersections. Each platform connects 2-4 elements which gives our climbers the power to choose their route. This also leads to a better group experience as members of your group are more likely to bump into each other as they all choose different paths. Members on a lower level can still interact with members on a level above them. You can also move at your own pace. If you need to slow down, others can easily go another route.

All our adventures begin with gear and Ground School Training. Everyone is equipped with a helmet, harness and a belay system. Package details are outlined below.


Access to the first level of 16 elements. Entry and exit is by ladder or climbing wall and the platforms are about 15 ft off the ground. The elements are quite user friendly and gets you comfortable with your safety system and accustomed to heights.

First time climber? Warm up on the easier elements found on the outer perimeter before attempting the inside ones.

1.5 to 2 hrs to complete.


For those who want to experience the entire course. You'll get to do everything on all three levels. The third level is about 40 feet off the ground! The view is amazing and the wind in your hair is exhilarating. The elements are more demanding and extremely rewarding. To get down why not take The Plunge! - basically walking off the plank and plunging to the ground from over 40 feet!

2.5 to 3 hours to complete.


Add Tandem Zip Lines by upgrading any package with this Combo option and soar through the air on our 600 foot long Tandem Zip Lines.

This is a thrilling experience where you and a friend can zip over 600 feet side by side. Race or zip off into the sunset multiple times by upgrading to the Combo Bracelet.

Adds 1/2-1 hour.

Who Can Do the Big Course?
Anyone 8 years or older with the following requirements:

Those 16 years or older must be able to touch a 59 line while standing flat-footed, with arms extended above your head and weigh no more than 250 lbs.

Those 8-15 years who can touch a 59 line may participate independently on the Big course as long as they can competently complete the training course and have responsible adult on site with them (not necessary to be climbing).

8-15 years of age who cannot touch a 5'9" line will be permitted to do the Intro package (First Level only) provided an adult will accompany them and be responsible for the operation of the child's safety system. They must be able to competently complete training course.

6-12 years now have a Kids Adventure Course where they can participate without an adult directly on the course with them. Provides all the fun for our younger guests!
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