Day Camp Packing List
Pack right to make your day camp adventure at Rise and Climb the best it can be. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing that has a bit of stretch to it as you'll be extending your reach and stance all day long. You might get dirty or even tear some clothing so dress accordingly.

Before showing up for your adventure there are a few things you should bring and others you should leave at home.

What to Bring
> Sneakers or comfortable, closed toed footwear for the course. NO flip flops sandals or Crocs on Course.
> Weather related clothing - If it's cool dress warm and vice versa.
> Bagged lunch and snack.
> Water bottle with cold water in it.
> Swim suit and towel (daily).
> Sunscreen and hat.
> Bug Spray
> Hair clips or elastic band to keep long hair tied back.
> Rain Gear if it's calling for rain.
> Gloves (optional).

What to Leave at Home
> Valuables.
> Any jewellery that dangles and could get caught in a rope.
> Knives or weapons.
> Really loose fitting clothing that could get caught in a rope.

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