Guidelines for Rise and Climb Adventure Camp Operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic 

These policies are in accordance with the guidelines set by the Chief Public Health Office and will be enforced until further notice. Updated 5/01/2021 

All campers must stay home if they are feeling ill or experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms.  All campers must not have been outside of PEI within the last 14 days and are not required to self-isolate.


Camp spaces will be limited to comply with the current outdoor gathering guidance numbers.  


The course is set up to easily allow for physical distancing: one climber per element, one climber per platform. Activities and games off the course will be developed to encourage physical distancing between campers. Campers will be encouraged and reminded to maintain appropriate distance between each other.  We will take reasonable steps to ensure physical distancing.


Gear, equipment and supplies will be cleaned after use.  


 Campers are asked to bring sanitizer with them and will be reminded to use it regularly.


Staff will be asked to stay home if they are feeling ill or experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms.


Campers may use their membership as soon as the full registration has been paid.  Due to the limited number of climbers allowed per session, please call ahead of time to ensure there is space.

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